Chapter 2- Waiting for Departure

*ding-dong* “Attention, all passengers” breached the voice from the public address system, perforating the calm that seemed to have lulled itself into the travel lounge, bidding everyone to lean forward as it continued, ”traveling via Oman Air to Muscat, please proceed for immigration and clearance check” *ding*. Even before the closing chime liberated from the system, there was a scramble of shoes and luggage among the passengers as everyone boarding for Muscat went gushing forth towards the Immigration counters. Dennis sat cross legged on one of the multitudes of metallic reclining chairs complete with cushioning, sprawled in rows of two … Continue reading Chapter 2- Waiting for Departure

How would you like your coffee?

Disclaimer: All characters in this play are fictional, a work of imagination and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any similarities otherwise, if any are but purely co-incidental, and in no way a deliberate attempt by the writer to name, shame or disgrace any particular individual. CAST: Doctor – Dr. William Lawyer – Mr. Harold Reginald Dying man: Mr. Ronald Hoffman His son: Mr. Dennis Hoffman Dream vision employee: Mr. Michael Summers Michael’s sick wife: Mrs. Rachel summers Michael’s co worker – Mr. Ahmed Hameed Waiter @ hospital café Random people at the café. Random employees of … Continue reading How would you like your coffee?