Ego and Love

On an Island far away, lived Ego and Love,
that both lived together; can’t imagine how!
Love, it was selfless and gave all away
Ego was stupid and went it’s own way.

Can you imagine, how they might have lived?
Had Love gone, would ego have been relieved?
lost on an Island with none around to help
save for the clouds and each to it’s self.
would you? even want to be part of that stay?

then one day, a storm came to sea
both love and ego came out to see.
the storm grew in itself with power and might
truly describing the two souls left to fight!
cause love was intense, as strong as the storm
and ego was just as much, adamant as the wind!

the gifts of the island, gave them enough for one boat
and love was believing, to safety both lives could float!
so love built them the boat and it was now ready
the storm came bigger and closer ever so steady.

But ego would not get on the boat with love
there was no time, things had to be done now.
But ego would not get into the boat with love.
Love tried to get ego into the boat somehow,
ego cared not and threw away the gift of love.

The storm was amused, by this game of the duo
and in no time, his wrath was upon the two.
so it was told, that the two had died;
love until death, had tried and tried.

And so Love and ego died on that Island,
if you’r ever on that shore, just look to the sand,
and you will see the poem has been orphaned.
tell me what if; had love the other abandoned?


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