My LOve gets Married Today

My dear friend, on your way back from work could you please stop by
I know it’s been a while since we’ve shared a beer or even said hi
but today, please stop by, This heart of mine has things to share
and I’d be glad if you’d stop by and let me believe that you care!

my love, she is getting married today
and I’m at a total loss of what to say!
should I be in thoughts of Joy or dismay,
and in my head all the good times replay?
or forget the past and such thoughts evade..
and deny all joy that we together had made?

Tell me what must I do, when I close my eyes?
for I’m haunted by her face and sweet replies!
can I forget the time we spent lost in our love?
in the face of this pain my head and ego I bow.

Tell me dear friend, how did this love so certain,
end up to be lost in nothing but pain and burden?
how did my love ever strong and forever true
fade away in a breath, like the morning dew?

what must I make of everything that has happened?
how must I convince myself that the end has hearkened?
For she is getting married today to another man
and I must bury all hopes that I thought I can !

Dear Friend, don’t bother with the beer or dinner
we’ll have a snack or grab a bite around the corner.
for tonight, all i ask is that you lend me your ears
and keep me from stupid thoughts and wasted tears!

Cause come tomorrow, I’ll be up with the dawn
for once the rose is gone, what use is the thorn?
For I know when you come, we can sit by the lawn
and we’ll tell stories and laugh at jokes our own!

Dear friend, just knowing that you’r coming here
has already lifted my spirits up high
for you understand all things I hold near and dear,
come tonight this pain too will take to the sky!


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