Unfailing Love

I look beyond myself at the person staring back at me
why does his eyes look so lost, like no one else could see?
Maybe there are things he cannot say,
maybe a heart that’s broken so much; all it can do is flee?

I tell him, fret not my soul, take your heavy heart to him
For he knows what it means to have the trust of friends betray!
and all the times your heart was broken, hold on and loose not hope
cause in the end, he’ll give you comfort and peace that’s untold!

So carry on believer, on the path that’s less trodden by
which in taking will earn you, the mock of those nearby.
but steady and forward walk my soul, vex not for praise of men
for in the end what matters is you’r eternal joy laid up in heaven!

Did you’r love, play and leave you ever so broken?
be still even through the tears, hear his voice hearken.
all the times you ran astray, did that love dwindle in might?
what pain must it have caused, when you stepped on that love?
but even in that hour, did he turn his back being heartbroken?
Did he not follow through on his love, to the end, you know how!

so when your hurt and downing under, even through tears
know that, there’s relief, for tears will help you face your fears!
Remember ‘that love’, which knows no else but love
and pray, that it be less of me and more of unfailing love!


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