Rain Splattered Window & Paper Boat Days

There’s this amazing beauty about the rain
One that’s inaudible while the pellets crash
If you could only in awe and silence remain,
to hear the drops beat everything like a whiplash!

Back then when rainbows ended in treasures
And hand held windmills held joy in measures
I would soak to the bones while the rain bought abundant pleasures!

I’d tear a sheet from class books neat
With focus deep, create a paper boat
Then with another sheet the process repeat.
The two paper boats, set them down to float.

Squatting on the veranda steps, heed the rains that soak the lawn
And squirm as wind and rain, sprayed their watery mist and tall trees groan.
My boat would float, assisted by the fine sprayed wind plus a thousand ripples
And I’d watch never twitching as they drew my boat further on, my joy in triples!

Now I see the drops as they fall, which splatter on my office window
And I wonder if this excel sheet would a paper boat to me endow?
And soak the air in its appeal, as rain wets the small patch of soil that’s lost in concrete,
The rain came like an un-beckoned song and just as so to its Columbus Heights did retreat.


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