The Rhyme of A Diwali Night

It is a millennial working man, in Bangalore’s metro city
and I shall tell thee a tale of the season’s festivity.

Behold India as she celebrates Diwali, the festival of lights
as cities, towns and villages all glow in bright delights!
The stage is set and as bonus draws the weekend here
families reunite in ecstasy, drawing from far and near.

The day fades into the sunset’s hue, a glimpse of what’s now due,
street lights fill in the fading sun, as people come out one by one,
all dressed for Diwali’s night, see them ladies oh beautiful sight!
Dresses are shiny and hearts are light, because of what’s in store tonight.

A distant boom and then a crack, starts the festival on its track.
and then the streets they light up green, red and white, with sparks and much blast,
The fun has now begun, and long into the growing night shall all this drama last.

This occasion of the lights, is to celebrate the mighty triumph
of one such and many times when good over evil did thump.

And so did blast all manners of packing that held gun powder
Till the entire town echoed the sound, the boom grew louder and louder.

I thought it was to praise the good that over evil triumphed
Instead I saw was smoke and fire from coil to coil as it jumped.

When did we change or forget the essence of Diwali?
and turn light into smoke and fire and noise, such folly!
we burn paper, air and money all just so we can be jolly?
until thick smoke crowns every nook and corner and galli.

How ‘bout instead we burn all our ego, self and pride
and hope for all and once, our minds to truth could guide.
for it’s the festival of lights, there awaits lots and lots of games
just make sure you don’t burn the whole street up in flames
such thoughts before they drop, you must instantly chide
instead light the love, with your friends Deepak, Abdul and Clyde!


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