Can You Help me Find My Passion in Life?

How old are you? 25 you say? Well, if you could not figure out what you passion in life was, in the quarter century that you’ve been on the face of this earth, what in the world makes you think that I can help you with it, in the quarter hour that you will spend to read my blog?

I am sorry to be the bad guy here for having to ruthlessly point it out to you, but it is what it is. Now, I am not saying that you are pathetic and all hope is lost, I am merely trying to help you evaluate where  you stand so that you do not have unrealistic expectations.

And please, for Pete’s sake do not google what is my passion in life- search engines are created to optimise your search results not your life!

Now, Imma go ahead and try to help you out here, but if you wish to proceed, then there are a few things that we need to get out of the way first.

1- if you are expecting someone who will sympathize with you and go “aaawww” and “oooohh” then you have arrived at the wrong place. I do not entertain such baseless provocations of the epiglottis.

2- If you are looking for someone to sugar coat the truth and make you feel good about yourself, then, again you have arrived at the wrong place. I will endeavour to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Whether you feel good or bad about yourself as a result, is up to you.

And finally, there is no amount of guidance, counselling, or conviction that an external source can provide, which will help you find footing, as much as the self motivation that comes from within. Therefore I urge you to focus less on the deficiencies you find about yourself, and focus in greater depth, on the adequacies bestowed upon you.

If it is your argument that you do not possess adequacies, then it is my argument, that you are merely ungrateful for what you have, because everybody has enough and more of the good things. Now, it may not always be pointed out to you, it may not always be appreciated, as much as your inadequacies are blown up; but they still exist none the less.

If you have found reason thus far, then I highly encourage you to continue. You having reached this far without closing this tab, or closing the screen, is evidence enough that you possess the mental fortitude required to do what it takes. Take courage my friend, for you will change yourself in greater ways than you would have ever dreamed of.

Where is Your Passion?

You remember that time long ago? No, much longer ago… that time when you were still oblivious to the harsher realities of life. Yes, that time when you were still a “kid”. Remember, something seemingly appealing about being a kid, is that, the equation you had derived back then required no proof. They required no set laws of establishment. It was pure derivation from above.

But then something happened; yeah, you grew up. And what seemed possible and plausible back then suddenly held no more value than a grocery packing. Why? Maybe because you stopped thinking and dreaming for yourself and instead started aspiring along the lines of what seemed “socially acceptable“.

Even today when you ask me this question -‘what is my passion?’ You are not really asking me anything about your passion at all. You are merely asking me to give you an exit where in you do not need to loose that social status you so adore, but at the same time, you get to sustain a vocation that you enjoy doing.

So, where is your passion? Go check the attic!

Stop Worrying, Start Breathing

you need to stop caring so much about what is expected out of you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advising you to start being a reckless, law abating citizen. You must strive to meet a lot of expectations and continually check yourself to see if you meet those expectations.

You are expected to be a healthy individual. You are expected to be a law abiding citizen. You are expected to treat a lady with respect; and Ladies, men deserve respect too (now you don’t have to go out of your way and open doors for men to show it). You are expected to keep your city, house and self clean, neat and tidy. It is good to strive and meet these expectations.

You are expected to obey your parents while under their supervision, you are expected to take care of yourself and behave as a mature person when not. You are expected to respect your elders, you are expected to find confidence in yourself and your abilities.

These are the healthy kind of expectations. The ones that will make a gentleman out of a boy and a lady out of a girl. Strive towards them.

You need to learn to differentiate between the healthy and deadly kind of expectations. The sooner you do, the quicker you are to discovering your passion, or if you’ve already discovered it then living it out.

How Long Before You Find Your Passion?

Not long at all. You see once you have developed all the necessary cognitive skills, when you have mastered the muscle-brain coordination and when you can talk entire sentences and walk unassisted, you are at the perfect stage to find your passion.

Although you would not have realized it at that time but some of your actions during that time, which to others would seem cute and adorable are in reality an expression of your inner self.  However, this is not solid proof of what your passion is- please don’t go around asking family members what you loved to do as a child, merely for the sake of digging out your passion.

Your passion/s is/ are some of the things that you do without giving them much thought. Things that come easily to you. Things that when you engage in, you are not worried about the consequences (by that analogy, please do not consider killing as a passion – I am not preaching that all actions devoid of a sense of responsibility or consequence can be deemed as passion). Your passion is what you desired to do as a kid, but refrained to do as you grew up for fear of being judged.

Let me give you an example, when I was a kid I was passionate about drawing, I was passionate about the infinite wisdom of the universe (one that sticks with me even today, perhaps one of the reasons why I love watching documentaries). I love science, I love space and astronomy. But I am no science major and that is only because school sucked all the fun out of it. But I am well read on these topics, I can have an educated debate with a scientist on genetics, the universe, black holes, the formation of stars, pulsars, supernova and so on. Just don’t ask me to derive formulae and equations, that, I cannot do.


speaking about drawing, this was something I was passionate about. I do not mean random scribblings etched on paper and wall by the whims of a tantrum induced toddler, I am talking about serious stuff. I was doing portraits, pencil sketching, and a bit of painting. I do not recollect, exactly when, probably because it was so long ago, but I once sketched a portrait of Mona Lisa. Why? Because I knew that was one of the most relished paintings in the world, as well as one of the toughest.  To judge my passion, take a look at the painting yourself.


If I remember right, this was done when I was in 4th grade. So that gives you an idea of what a passion will look like and how you can identify it. YES I drew that, don’t be so stupefied by disbelief.

Do I still draw like that today? Sadly, no. I don’t believe I have put pencil to paper after 2004. (except during biology classes and that was to draw diagrams of the internal organs.. LOL). You ask me what happened? Well, I figured that drawing didn’t generate marks, or money or anything credible. So I let it erode and fade away. yes I am regretful and would never repeat it, so don’t bother poking the wound.


Another thing I loved to do around the same time was write rhymes. The first ones were obviously duets and sounded more cute than actual poetry (but hey, who is to judge poetry, after all poetry is the spontaneous overflow of emotions recollected in tranquillity- Wordsworth. It makes no reference to the age of the poet). Thankfully I did not let this passion die and it has grown remarkably, not meaning to blow my own trumpet. I still remember my first poem though.

My Father’s Shoe

My father’s shoe is a real shoe.
Shoes like this are very few.

This Shoe is a leather one
and wearing it is real fun!

Having fun? Well, you’re free to read the other poems on my blog.  Okay, so you sort of get the idea. There would have been some “go to” activities that you did in order to escape? Some engagement of the mind that you absolutely adored that you could sit at it for hours? (No I am not referring to video games or play station! Don’t even try to factor that in okay)

I can only speak for myself, and my passions are poetry and drawing. But those aren’t the only ones out there, and I can’t even begin to list the other passions that people have, so take a while and look back in order to find yours. THOSE  are you passions, the things that didn’t take a toll on your when you did them.

Why is Finding One’s Passion so Important?

Well, it isn’t. There argument here, for finding it to be so important, is that you feel incomplete without it. If you are perfectly happy with the way things then all is well.

But not everyone has this luxury handed over to them. Some of us are constantly under pressure from work, studies, so on and so forth. This is quite natural, if you do not enjoy what you are doing, frustration is all but natural.

On the other hand not every passion has the authority to afford you a career out of it. Some people are passionate about travelling. Being a travel photographer for National Geographic is amazing, however, not everyone is blessed enough to work with National Geographic.

Some passions are also discovered later on in life- it might be the desire to play an instrument. There is no hard and fast rule that only those desire you developed as a child are worthy of being classified as a passion.

My hope is that in penning this post, you are able to identify, or, look into yourself rather, that you would then help you in finding out your passion. When it comes to passion, it’s never to early, it’s never too late to find it, nurture it and live it.

#live #love #breathe what makes you, you.




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