A Debate of Perspective

Had an interesting conversation with one acquaintance the other day. Nothing productive came out of it, but it sure got me thinking.

Since the New year is just a day and change old, I figured this is worth the time spent and invaluable in itself, to carry on into the New Year. While the specifics are not important, what does matter is the ‘thought process’ or the rationale behind what we perceive as obvious; which often, is far from what is.

Perspective is a powerful thing. It can make you seem intelligent or a complete idiot; problem is that both can at times be unaware of their predicament.

So, this is how the event unfolded. It was the night after New Year’s eve and a couple of friends and I had decided to meet up for a Sunday Dinner. I arrive at the preordained place. January nights are a cold time of the year, so, naturally I turn up in a jacket.

Nidhhinnnnn” I hear a piercing shriek from behind. In an instant I knew who it was- Rhea! It had been  more than a year since I had the theophany of this high frequency avatar. I knew instantly that turning back would be bad news, she was not someone who you wanted to avoid for over a year and then meet in the middle of a large crowd. But it was done, and I had no choice but to turn around.

oow myyee Gaawwsh

yeah OMG Rhea

is that youuuu? it’s been sooo looonggg“.

Noo.. that’s NOT me, that’s Jack the ripper! Who’d you think it was?? :/
Long, yeah I know right.. how you been Rhea?

Dudeeee look at youeee” accompanied by what seemed like an appalling excuse of a giggle “you’ve lost so much weight, not like you had much to loose in the first place“.

Right! Says the madame who alternates her physique between puffed corn and boiled potato!

do you even eat?” she asks, putting a hand on my shoulder. Her rendition of the bruh do you even lift memeprobably

Oh I EAT alright woman! I gobble down food when I am hungry with a thankful heart and no remorse. I probably eat more in one sitting than you do the entire day. But sadly I can’t put on weight by drinking just water.

It’s called having a high metabolism, which just makes me an efficient fat burner. There’s a term for it- ‘Ectomorph‘. Gosh! the ignorance level on some people, makes me gasp in horror!


I pretend like I didn’t hear that and turn to the others and ask hey guys, wassup? How’s it been? Long time no see and all that formalities that are expected of a gathering such as this.

guys we really need to go inside and order food NOOWWWW… Let’s help Nidhin put on some pounds by the time we all leave

Some people really NEED to learn to shut their orifice. Enough chivalry, time to shut this trap up, I decided. Turned around and told her thus.

Me: I haven’t lost weight but you’ve put on a lot more from the last time I saw you. Your perspective is wrong.

nonsense, you’ve become light as a feather. and I’m not changing my perspective unless you give me a solid reason to

Me: You can keep your perspective darling… I’m at no loss on account of that.


Dinner went uneventfully if you should wonder. But that got me thinking from an interesting perspective on the very concept of ‘perspective‘. Allow me to elaborate.

E = mc2

The scientific community hails this as consecrated ground. This is Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which goes on to state that the relative mass of a body comes from the energy of motion from that body – implying therefore, that mass and energy can be changed into each other.

But, I am a poet, a writer and abandoned the study of intricate science after 10th grade. In my line of work this is gibberish. Please don’t get me wrong, I do hold a high level of respect and admiration for the man. I am also aware, just aware of the equation and it’s creator. But that doesn’t mean it makes absolute sense in my work and translates into reason; as far as I am concerned that is.

Then again, just because I find it gibberish, it’s unfair to label it as worthless right? I can derive more sense out of rhymes and prose than I can from this equation. But this is the life’s work of many other people in the world who make use of this for breakthrough findings perhaps.


Perspectives are a powerful thing, so much so, that they are enough to make you seem intelligent or a complete idiot. The only problem is that both can sometimes be unaware of their predicament.

So, while we are still in the nascent stages of the new year, let’s look inwards to see if our perspectives are set right? Everyone likes to think that they are right. While this may hold true at times, most often this is far removed from the truth.

We base our judgement on what we are able to see, not necessarily on the reality of the existing situation. Our perceptions are flawed to a great degree- because they are not influenced by sight alone. They are the combined creation of our mind and eyes.


Magicians have done controlled testing in human perception for thousands of years.
– Teller

This flaw is one of the reasons why magic is highly appreciated and what magicians are able to make use of, to entertain us.

So, the underlying fact is this – you’re not always as ‘correct’ as what you would like to think. Therefore it is prudent that one not jump to conclusions and talk without a bridle on the tongue.

We have 364 days left. More than ample time for us to practice on renewing our perspectives and perceptions of things around us. I’m sure we can all make progress, yeah?

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New year 2017! May the year and you find all Happiness and Blessings!



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