We are Sick-xual and we Know it!

Regardless of what a woman WEARS, there is NO authority, NO absolute bureau, NO power, that has been bestowed upon men to INFRINGE on her space, or to VIOLATE her sense of security. Period.

The actions of some men in our country are nauseating and the sickness seems to be on the rise. On New year’s eve Bangalore occupied the radar with sexual harassment at its heights. The streets of Bangalore displayed the depths to which human integrity could sink.

It wasn’t the kind of start to the new year most women out there were expecting; that feeling of utter disgust would be enough to put anyone off. The next day follows with tweets and remarks by prominent political leaders (even though they were not the ones who faced the horror of the situation), going on to hint that it was on the women and they alone were responsible for the mishap.

It’s worrying that Indian men (most of them) haven’t got their  fundamentals right. The appropriateness or for that matter the in-appropriateness of a woman’s dressing is an altogether different matter of debate. Her freedom to equal opportunities is not a factor of the former.

BUT, regardless of what she WEARS, there is NO authority, NO absolute bureau, NO power, that has been bestowed upon men to INFRINGE on her space, or to VIOLATE her sense of security. Period.

Oh brother, heed my heartfelt rhyme, do realize the worth of what I say
remember this for all of time, I beg thee and beseech thee oh I pray!

The world that we draw breath in, is shared by creatures big and small
consider it an absolute sin, to think that any one, should be less than all.

God made you in his time to be a perfect man, with equal effort, also made the woman he
How then can you think, just because you can? defile creation and make her your property?

That woman on the road or that lady at the shop,
they don’t exist so men can insult and grope.
The girl on her way to work or the mother who lives next door
their purpose in life is not to entertain your sexual encore!

I don’t think you realize, the hurt your actions cause,
She has to fend off the stares from hideous sexual claws.
Nor if you understand what it takes to live under woman’s skin
to walk bravely on, even when courage has worn ever so thin!

Society bestowed on you, the run of the night,
and you’ve unrestricted access, to travel and fun of every manner
so you lie in ambush, by streets devoid of light;
that when she walks by, fall prey to your lecherous dagger?

How could you disgraceful soul, go home to your mother’s embrace?
And all thoughts of what you just did, completely erase?
In the eyes of that girl you violated, did you not see your mother’s face?
if  only you had treated her with more deserving grace!

There is a certain sickness in the hearts and minds of men
to think that whatever he do’eth, can go on without repent.
Could some divine intercession, his life to integrity guide?
If only mom, in tender ages had smacked the life out of his pride!

Indeed, women be enigma, beyond the scope of comprehension
for no man could ever unriddle, her mind’s secret dimensions.
The world and all in it, was made to trust in perfect balance
But one creation above all, defies all logic in pure flagrance,
SHE derives strength, from whence I cannot fathom; even if trust and support be in absence!


I always thought that I was born to rhyme. After all, I find it easy to express myself in rhymes; but this.. this was not so.

You see, I don’t just simply rhyme. My rhymes are merely an expression of my thoughts and emotions. That is EXACTLY the problem- how can I feel an emotion that I have never experienced? In fact I don’t think this poem even does justice to the trauma that women face.

So, with broken pride and in all honesty, may I say to all the women who might be reading this – you’ve earned my respect. No greater respect can I give than the respect to those, who in spite of all hardships find the strength to continue with heads held high.

To, all the men who might be reading this, oh to hell with it. I don’t know what to say to you guys, I don’t even know where to begin.


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