The Cupid Express – Intro

February is here and one thing that everyone in this world can associate with the month is the 14th. For me of course there is the Maramon Convention (for all my non-Malayali friends, feel free to google this).

But that’s not the point. The point is that it’s the season of love, romance, crushes, butterflies and a whole bunch of hopeless love bitten souls who will resort to a lot of #HashTags and #Selfies of romance. oh how sweet!

Alright let’s get serious and acknowledge the other side of the coin shall we? I am referring to those who have been devastated by cupid’s arrow. While one half of the worlds find love and revels in the warmth of mutual love and relate to valentine’s day; there is the other underappreciated lot who’ve been broken, smashed and thrown out from the cupid express with utter disregard for their emotions.

And because there is no dedicated occasion to celebrate break-ups, heartbreaks and all the unpleasant events of love express; I being a ruthless writer with utter disregard for romance will opt to ruin valentines for the rest of you lot, by sharing their stories this season.

For they are brave and strong souls and their stories deserve to see the light of day. So one story a week, as told from the perspective of 3 friends I know of; who have travelled that lonely road back from breakup to the virtual reality the rest of us live in.

There are 3 stages to a breakup. Therefore, I shall tell you three stories of three different people. I will not tell you their entire story however; Just the part of their story that relates to one of the stages. The three stages to a break up are

  • Falling in love. That’s the start to everything and the most important part isn’t it? After all there could be no story if it were not for the two having met and fallen in love.
  • The Breakup. Well there are a lot of things in between that often border dangerously between stupidity and maturity, but we will skip that. That’s for the “in love” lot and their problem to handle yeah?
  • Driving the nail home. This is the part where you react to the breakup. Most often there is nothing left to do by now, except for maybe, I don’t know, move on?

So listen close and listen well, for I shall tell you the story of 3 people. The first one of how he met love, the second of how she lost love and the last of how he dealt with the loss. All 3 have consented to have their stories told by me and for the sake of anonymity I shall change the names of the characters in real life as I narrate their story.

Abdallah found love for the first time when he was in school. Amelia lost love when her boyfriend cheated on her. John tries his best to find solace from grief. They are my heroes and this is their story. Feel free to judge them, but when I am done with my 3 tales, you will tell me yours.

Maria, Maria, Maria. Why, why, why?
To distant lands in a veil did you fly?
For the town heard the chapel bells
and you in your gown broke all spells!

-Nidhin George


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