The Cupid Express – Part II

If you have not read the previous posts to this tale, then I highly recommend that you read them in the following order-

Are you ready for the second tale?

Amelia was at a friend’s party and Robert had not answered his phone all day! I knew her better as Amy and she was a composed, confident and a pleasant person to be around. But that day even Amy had no clue as to what she was even doing at that party. Perhaps it was a feeble last ditch attempt from her to try and save the relationship.

Things had begun to sour up over the last couple of months. The relationship had turned into an emotionally abusive and destructive one. Amy never understood why, but Robert always accused her of cheating on him. His trust in her had begun to fade away and Amy didn’t know what she ought to do, or how she could make things right again.

Robert was amazing, charming and witty when Amy first got to know him. Here was a man who knew how to make a woman laugh and never forgot to bring her flowers. She fell for his caring personality not to mention his charming appeal. She found in him the perfect mix of everything she adored and looked for in a man.

When she first met Robert what struck her most was his piercing eyes; which seemed to look right through her to the deepest and darkest corner of her soul. This was what attracted her the most, that he was able to understand her thoughts even before she spoke them. The way his stubble made an immaculate shade along his beard line, how they felt when she ran her hands over them.

He always seemed to have time for her; who has time for anyone these days? He never seemed to forget an important date, she loved the fact that her friends felt jealous about her. He made sure to surprise her in front of her friends, she loved that eyes turned when he walked by but he was only interested in her. Amy adored how safe, happy and loved she felt around him. But what happened to all that?

The Other Girl

Robert was supposed to pick Amy up for the party, but he had been avoiding her calls since morning. It was not the first time that either one of them had avoided the other’s call. Such things are part of every relationship; Amy was sure they could talk it over and a hug and a kiss later, things would be back to normal. Amy for Robert and Rob for Amy. She was definitely not the person who would give up on something without a fight and she was ready to fight for Robert.

So, Amy got ready and went to the party; that was what they had agreed to and that was what she would do. She hoped Rob would turn up too and they could sort things out. She was right, Robert did turn up to the party; the only thing was, he turned up with another girl- Linda.  Amy knew Linda, she was a mutual friend to both Rob and Amy. She had met Rob and Linda together on multiple occasions but never on God’s green earth did she even fathom that there was something brewing between the two.

A lot of eyes at the party turned to Amy with a questioning gaze. What’s going on Amy, we thought Rob and you were going out with each other. Did you break up with Rob. The stares weren’t that bad, what hurt more was the realization that Amy knew just as little as to what was going on, as anyone else in that room. That hurt and it hurt deep inside. She felt foolish for having thought she could come to the party and sort things out. It seemed they had cross that exit long back.

Robert and Linda walked up to Amy. “Oh hey Amy, we didn’t think you’d make it to the party!” exclaimed Linda, as if to drive the nail deeper into the wound. There are some occasions in life where you would really love that special person in your life to be on your side, to sympathise with you; but instead all you get is a feeling of loneliness even if you are in the midst of a party. “Excuse me” said Amy and hurried out of the room and through the front door into the cold night.

She pulled her coat tighter around herself to shield her from the cold. Or, perhaps it was an effort to feel a hug that she needed so much right now. She tried to quicken her pace as tears rolled down those cheeks, but it was all too much. She was mentally and emotionally spent. She leaned onto a tree for support, at least it was more of a support than anyone else at the party could have been. Finally tired of everything so far, she let those tears fall and stood there until every last drop found their way down her face. The she straightened herself and walked back home.

The Battle Inside

Amy woke up the following morning; the heart still felt heavy, but the tears had cleared her mind. She and Robert were supposed to meet at the beach that afternoon, but Amy knew that nothing mattered anymore. She would have to learn to face each day without Rob in it.

The internet was not very consoling either; Facebook sadistically popped her feed with pictures of Rob and Linda and other friends at the beach. They had gone without her.  Amy wondered why she felt so left out and alone in the world that morning. The worst feeling in the world is when you are so chocked up with emotions and you do not have a single soul you can trust your emotions with and know they won’t trample on it.

A tired body and a grieved soul can always find comfort in a bed and  pillow, maybe cause neither can inflict more harm than what’s been done. Or maybe cause both can dampen the stress and envelope you in solace. Amy found solace in them for the rest of the day.

The Next Day – Parking Lot Encounter

Having woken up to the fading rays of the sun, Amy thought that perhaps as stroll outside would help with the suffocation. Without saying a word to anyone, she stepped out of the house. Perhaps she would go to the grocery store and pick up something from there. It seemed like a good idea and she walked on to the store.  Nothing seemed particularly appealing that evening. The fading sun sprayed the sky a brilliant orange as it faded into purple and darker matter across the sky; but to Amy it reminded her of her life’s chapter that was facing the same desolate end.

At the parking lot to the grocery Amy stopped in her tracks. On the other side of the lot was Robert with Linda and a few other friends. She cursed herself for wanting to come here and was about to turn back when Rob noticed her and called out to her. “Amy! Amy.. Wait up”.

Are you okay” asked Rob when he came up to her. Surely he didn’t expect an answer to that question. Amy was not going to entertain him with an answer.

Do you Love her” blurted out Amy.

“What” asked Rob taken aback by the question.

It’s simple. Answer the dam question Rob- Do YOU love her?” asked Amy her voice rising over his. “Yes” replied Rob.

She had kept her hurt and tolerance inside for too long; it was time to let it out and Amy lashed out at him, screaming at the top of her voice.

How could you Rob?! All this while it was you cheating on me with her and yet you kept accusing me of being the cheat. DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT MAKES ME FEEL?” The entire parking lot, now empty, echoed her scream.

Amy.. it’s not like that I…” Rob tried to explain himself. But she was not going to let anyone stop her tonight. His feeble attempts at an explanation went unheeded.

I loved you, I tried to make things right always. Have you ever noticed? Or were you too busy indulging yourself with her? I’m done Rob, you heard me? I’m done. And don’t you even think about talking to me again!

There was no lying his way out of this one and Rob knew it. “I’m sorry I cheated on you Amy.

NO.. you’re not.” said Amy and walked away.

This is the second tale. It is a paradigm shift from the beauty of the first one. You loved the pleasantness of the first but despise the despicable nature of the second? Yet both are part of the story. It always is a difficult choice and it’s impact sends ripples far ahead in the future than you could care to imagine.

I will be back again, tomorrow, with my final tale. When I am done telling you the last one, you better be ready to tell yours.


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