About the Author

A poet like everyone, takes note of the beauty in everyday life. But a poet unlike everyone, has the ability to recreate a moment in time for all times.

One cannot, however, limit the scope of a poet to capture mere beauty alone; a poet does far more than that. There is sorrow, joy, pain, celebration and a wide range of human emotions that words cannot lend justice to. But in manipulating those very words, a poet can, in more ways than one, embrace the bosom of such experiences.

Looking back, I realize that not being a physically though kid, left me with little prospects on the field, but it rendered no such restrictions to exploring the intellect. I could pen a rhyme with ease, in so much as I could express myself easier with a rhyme than with a thousand words. Thus started a journey with the pen and paper (we did not have personal computers in those days. The pen and paper were the most handy objects to jot down your thoughts)

Life is but a mere reflection of greater things to come and poetry I believe is perhaps the only instrument, adequate to portray a fleeting glimpse of that resplendence.

But until such times as when such secrets be revealed, should draw near, I shall endeavour to create rhymes that are worthy of the talent gifted to me. For if there is one regret that would face men, it is this, that he fail to realize his passion and let it wither.

My stories and rhymes are told from a unique perspective, perhaps it is because I do not try to replicate another’s. They are a manifestation of my experiences, a musing of my thoughts.

You are welcome to read through my blog, in essence a portion of my life, as if it were an open book and in saying so, also implies that you are welcome to comment/ criticize or provide feedback of any nature about my work.

For man, his days are as grass, like a flower of the field he flourishes, the sun beats down and he is no more, the wind blows away the final vestiges of his existence.

But the words and deeds of men, they live on, in time to be made into stories and legends. By that analogy, we are all legends in the making.



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