Who made the Tarts?

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts, all on a summer’s day! the Knave of Hearts, he stole the tarts, and took em quite away! The King of Hearts, from his palace did depart and all but spoke his heart. “the Knave, God bless his soul and keep him apart, for otherwise, I would have had to eat those tarts! The Queen, full of rage, the King’s despise she dread, from the quilt of her balcony yelled: “off with his head”! Advertisements Continue reading Who made the Tarts?

Unfailing Love

I look beyond myself at the person staring back at me why does his eyes look so lost, like no one else could see? Maybe there are things he cannot say, maybe a heart that’s broken so much; all it can do is flee? I tell him, fret not my soul, take your heavy heart to him For he knows what it means to have the trust of friends betray! and all the times your heart was broken, hold on and loose not hope cause in the end, he’ll give you comfort and peace that’s untold! So carry on believer, … Continue reading Unfailing Love

Ego and Love

On an Island far away, lived Ego and Love, that both lived together; can’t imagine how! Love, it was selfless and gave all away Ego was stupid and went it’s own way. Can you imagine, how they might have lived? Had Love gone, would ego have been relieved? lost on an Island with none around to help save for the clouds and each to it’s self. would you? even want to be part of that stay? then one day, a storm came to sea both love and ego came out to see. the storm grew in itself with power and … Continue reading Ego and Love

Grace and She…

A woman bold as the sun, yet soft as the starry night, all that is best of both dark and bright. where grace and wisdom flourish in each eye… such beauty surely even Heaven cant deny! A woman who can walk the path not to merely impress… random men who turn her way their eyes and gaze. but one, who can walk with ever so tender grace, and on that sweet and serene face, thoughts and emotions with ease express… whose smile can win, and eyes, that glow… whose days are in goodness spent. a mind that can love all … Continue reading Grace and She…


Oh sweet the day, that M@ria walked by, it made my day, just to hear her say hi ! oh bright the day that M@ria walked by, for all the ladies swooned who stood nearby Oh M@ria, she walked with an angelic grace, and all the men were left in awe and pure amaze! Oh sweet the day when M@ria, she walked by for never would another day chance come nigh! M@ria, M@ria, M@ria, why why why? to distant lands in a veil did you fly? for the town heard the chapel bells, and you in your gown, broke all … Continue reading Maria…

Why those Feathers Require maintenance

Remember as a child how you wanted to reach for the stars and how the task, atrocious and daunting as it might have sounded for a grown up, to you was seemingly piffling and easy? What happened to that dream today? Chances are that most of us would have all but buried those dreams. Possibly 1% of the lot stood fast embracing their dreams and turning it into reality. So what exactly is it that happens to strip these dreams of its feathers and eventually make us turn away to those things that we would euphemistically term as more ‘realizable’? … Continue reading Why those Feathers Require maintenance

Chapter 2- Waiting for Departure

*ding-dong* “Attention, all passengers” breached the voice from the public address system, perforating the calm that seemed to have lulled itself into the travel lounge, bidding everyone to lean forward as it continued, ”traveling via Oman Air to Muscat, please proceed for immigration and clearance check” *ding*. Even before the closing chime liberated from the system, there was a scramble of shoes and luggage among the passengers as everyone boarding for Muscat went gushing forth towards the Immigration counters. Dennis sat cross legged on one of the multitudes of metallic reclining chairs complete with cushioning, sprawled in rows of two … Continue reading Chapter 2- Waiting for Departure